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A library of design assets implemented as React components for the United Nations World Data Forum website. Designed by the awesome people at the United Nations Graphic Design Unit.


This package is not licensed under the MIT license. Read the license information before installing and using this package.


In order to install this package, run

yarn add @undataforum/assets

to add it to your dependencies. Install peer dependencies react and react-dom.

Import the logo like this:

import { Logo } from '@undataforum/assets';


Read the docs at You can run the docs locally with

yarn workspace docs run dev


Work with two terminals. In the first terminal run

yarn workspace @undataforum/assets run watch

and in the second terminal run

yarn workspace docs run dev

The first command watches for changes in the @undataforum/assets workspace and bundles the @undataforum/assets package whenever it detects changes. The second command launches the docs, which use the local @undataforum/assets package as dependency.